1. What is Lottery Rank ?

Is the 1st Lottery that you can submit your website/blog/forum/social page/etc and you have the chance to win the best and most completed SEO service which will boost:

– all of your Rankings!

– your website traffic!

– your linking with the other websites / backlinks!

– your trust and authority on the web!

– your social media pages!

Our idea is to give the magic & the power of SEO to anyone who has devoted even a small part of his life on the web and the opportunity of starting a successful and very high rank website by a simple step…

Just choose the box which you like on the dashboard of Lottery Rank!

2. How Lottery Rank works ?

At first you must choose your lucky box on the dashboard of the Lottery Rank.Then you can make a profile to submit some information that we need about your website.

That’s it! We analyze your page for being ready if you are the winner,so the service will start immediately.

Now you can sit back comfortably and wait to seeing if your ticket is inside the lucky box!

3. Do you accept any type of websites ?

All types of websites (except illegal sites )

4. How many players can win per draw ?

One of the five hundred players, the one who has choose the magic box.

5. How many tickets per draw can i buy/register ?

You can register as many tickets as you want,there is no limit.

The more tickets you register, the more chances you have to win!

6. Can i choose any number or box ?

Yes, you can choose any number or box if it is not registered yet.

7. What earns the winner of Lottery Rank

The winner of the Lottery Rank will earns the ULTRA Pack for (4) Four whole months! Αnd will enter into force once contacted us after his consent.

8. How often carried a draw ?

The Lottery Rank starts a new draw :

a) Every month (Prerequisite to have completed 99 (ninety-nine) entries from the start date of the draw)


b) If all the tickets (500) have registered

9. Since there is a winner, when to start the next lottery ?

The next Lottery Rank will start immediately, so you can try again.

10. How long is the duration of your service ?

The service starts 1 (one) day after your winning and it end four (4) months later but the service improvements still staying a lot of time!

11. If there is one draw not performed ?

Yes there is such a case only when they have not filled the first 99 (ninety-nine) entries lottery.

Then the draw does not take place! And transferred to the next draw until they fill the first 99 (ninety-nine) entries

12. What are the benefits of using the Lottery Rank ?

The Lottery Rank is a multifunctional and very complicated SEO process from our webmaster team but gives the ability with one account of you to get all the benefits of SEO.

Knowledge of SEO or something similar is not necessary for use the lottery or for the climbing of your website to the top of ranking.

This service addressed to any type of website, forum, blog, fanpage, social profile, project or business, it is friendly and enjoyable for the major of people using the internet because with very low cost you have exciting benefits!

13. If i won,what must i expect from Lottery Rank ?

Synoptically you must expect benefits like:

– Top ranking

– Search Engine optimization

– Your website will be much more trusted and you will gain a high level authority on the web

– Social signals (thousands likes,shares,followers,subscribers,comments,posts) at


– Targeted website traffic (organic,social,referral,direct)

– Keyword ranking,research & analysis (3-7 keywords of your choice or you can choose ours webmasters suggestion)

– Backlinks (high PR & quality dofollow links from trusted websites,wiki,edu,social media,bookmark,forums,blogs)

– Article Submissions (high PR & authority domain sites,wiki,edu,forum,blogs)

– Directory listing (top 50 directories)

– Increase ad revenue (traffic & clicks=better CTR)

– Website promotion (internet marketing,social media promotion,online advertising)

– Real customers for your products

– Increase the worth of your website

– Maximise your internet visibility and investment

– Create a successful company

– Make your brand popular too fast on the internet

14. What are the SEO techniques do you use and how fast this service attaches ?

The process of SEO Optimization and Web Promotion starts immediately and increasing day by day with very high tempo.

Ours webmasters use the newest,most accurate SEO techniques, and updates, so you must be sure for the best results!

15. Are any extra benefits from using Lottery Rank ?

At the end of the year we choose casually 10 of all the players that they have register even a ticket and we will reward them with better ranking depending what they need more!

16. Who can use the Lottery Rank and if is there any needing of SEO knowledge or something similar?

Everyone who has a website, blog, forum, social media, fanpage, etc, can use this service for his benefit.


If you want to make a special gift to someone who has a website, blog, forum, social media page, etc.

17. What forms of payments do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal, which allows you to use any major credit card like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, bank wire, E-Check, etc.

You can chose and subscribe to our services here.