1. Will your packages work for any type of website?

Exatlas SEO packages is a perfect solution for any type of website, forum, blog, fanpage, social profile project or business.

2. I'm new to SEO and don't know how does it work and just want (much more traffic/real visitors/top ranking/quality backlinks/keyword research/boost social media pages/more ad revenue/better CTR%)

Knowledge of SEO is not necessary!

Just register and give us your domain url and keywords you wish to promote(if we need some extra information for better or faster results,we will send a message to your account).

Then you can sit back and enjoy all the advantages of SEO from Exatlas network!

3. Matter if my website was recently created?

If your website is recently created does not affect our SEO services and the incoming results.

But may expect a little delay about listing in some directories and to see the complete campaign results.

4. I want to start SEO campaign for my website now. How do you work and what is the process?

After you select and subscribe to our SEO packages,our webmasters will start immediately SEO analysis for
you website to find its SEO state and ranking!

One day after,we start a complete SEO optimization and the results will be visible to you instantly(at first days) for any type of website project!

5. Will your SEO packages guarantee me top rankings?

Your rankings will boost like you never know that they could and your website will acquire meaning and life.Ranking results are directly.

Our SEO packages can provide great performance by progressively improve you keywords rank in search engine overtime with more and more traffic.
We can provide 100% guarantees on ranking for all your keywords, as well as your expectations on traffic or social media pages overtime.

We do our best in providing you high quality SEO services and improve your ranking.

Our first target is to rank your website
a) Top 10 within first 3-4 months for
most competitive keywords!
b) Improve your pagerank factors

6. How long does it take to start seeing results in your SEO services? Results may vary.

If the keywords you are trying to rank for are the most popular and competitive,the results will take a little longer but generally results of ranking are immediately.

Some clients have seen first page rankings within the first 30 days(for medium competitive keywords).

We will give you an estimate based on our experience within first 7 days after start your SEO campaign,when we see how Google reacts to your site and if we can create new unique, SEO techniques for you for extremely fast and complete results.

7. How long is the duration of your SEO service?

Our team will work every day for your website until you stop your campaign but the results of SEO still stay much more time(commonly 6 months additionally)..but it depends to your work after the completion of the service.

8. Will you optimize my website for all search engines as well?

Of course,our work will take effect in all search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo,Yandex,etc.. Note that every search engine has different speed in terms of crawling changes.

9. If my website has been previously/currently blacklisted/penalized/deindexed by Google,Can you fix this problem?

Exatlas team has experience recovering websites from different type of penalties like harmful backlinks,duplicate content,poor meta tag setup, viruses, poor navigation and many others issues.

Before subscribing to our SEO packages,please contact Exatlas team with link to your domain and some information about your previous SEO campaigns,so we can analyse and fix your website status in Google.

You must know that for blacklisted domains it takes additional time to rank back.

10. What type of links do you use in your SEO services? Do you practice new/up to date SEO techniques?

We have strong partners in SEO world and our own huge database of website and services is extremely friendly to Google practices.

In our backlinks campaigns we use a variety of high trusted websites only!

As every website is unique,our webmasters choose a monadic diversity of high quality backlinks that matches to you (social media, wiki, edu, bookmaking, article submissions)
press releases and the more powerful directories.

11. Why is my site not showing up in the search engines?

There are various reasons your web site may not show up, or display well, in search engine results.

You may not be using a SEO friendly web design, your site may not be “readable” by the search engines and you may be missing key information for your page to be properly indexed by the search engines.

Additionally, use of some scripts may prevent search engines from indexing your site.Moreover,you may not have properly submitted your site to all search engines.

There are too many reasons why a site may or may not be showing up in the top search engine results.

12. Does this work for foreign language sites?

Currently our services and packages will work only for english speaking websites.

13. What forms of payments do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal, which allows you to use any major credit card like Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, bank wire, E-Check, etc.
You can chose and subscribe to our services here.

14. What’s your cancellation policy on SEO packages subscription? Any additional fees?

You can cancel your package easily anytime within first 10 days, but there is proportional cancellation charge. All our links are permanent so you will not loose any ranking.

But your website ranking will gradually decrease in search engine result pages as you competitors work on their own campaigns and sooner or later they will outrank your site if you not continuously optimize your site.

All our packages pricing is based on what you see is what you get policy and we don’t have any additional setup/cancellation/modification/recovering fees.